Installment two in the Italian Chef series is out and it is a sweet read like the cannolis in the story!

Tessa Esposito returns in book two with a grand opening for her new restaurant looming. Even with the pressure of a restaurant launch, Tessa agrees to provide the sweets for her cousin Gabby’s bookstore. Gabby needs the famous author, Preston Rigotta, to draw a crowd and help boost sales or her bookstore may be forced to close its door. Despite the turn out, things turn sour when Preston’s publicist, Daphne, appears and is a high school rival of Gabby and Tessa’s. Unfortunately, the petty rivalry of youth has not been buried.

Despite the clashing of personalities at the event, Tessa’s cannolis are a big hit. She hopes their popularity will translate into future reservations for her restaurant. Gabby’s pleased with the sales from her bookstore’s event and sees a brighter future for her business. This hope is quickly dashed the next morning when Preston’s publicist and their high school rival is found dead in the middle of the bookstore with a cannoli nearby.

Now, Tessa and Gabby are prime suspects and there’s a new detective in town who isn’t so eager to clear their name. It’s up to Tessa to get to the bottom of the crime and find out who wanted Daphne to die.

There is some subtle love interest in this series that might heat up in future installments. Long time friend, Justin, has been a rock to Tessa since her husband died. However, I’m in Camp Vince because A. in my mind, Vince is hotter, and B. Justin seems more in the friend zone.

Regardless of my votes for the love interest, I definitely vote for you to go read this second installment in Catherine’s new series. It’s a fun read with some delicious recipes in the back that bring out the Italian chef in all of us.

You can purchase an ebook version today by clicking on the cover below.

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