Every teenage girl’s nightmare is to be attacked while babysitting young children. Deja vous Scream! Jamie Whelan is drifting through existence. She’s a substitute teacher with a teenage daughter named Harley. Jamie awakens one night to the sound of her mother’s voice saying Come home. Her daughter Harley hears the same words. A call comes soon afterward telling her that her mother has died and she must come home to River Glen. Home to take care of her damaged sister, Emma, who was attacked by the Babysitter Stalker twenty years ago and now has the mental capacity of a twelve-year-old.

Jamie has nothing but guilt over her sister. After all, she was babysitting the Ryerson twins that night twenty years ago, but she begged her big sister Emma to take over babysitting duty so she could go to a party. While Jamie looked for the cute boy Cooper who had invited her to the party, the Babysitter Stalker attacked Emma with a knife and left for dead. Now, her mom is gone, and she is left with the task of caring for Emma.

Jamie’s arrival in town disrupts River Glen’s peaceful facade. It stirs up old memories for many of the residents who played a part in the events that transpired the night of Emma’s attack. In particular, it stirs Cooper, who is now a cop, to reopen Emma’s case. As Jamie pries open old wounds trying to discover who hurt Emma, another attack happens. Is it a coincidence or has the Babysitter Stalker returned to finish what he started all those years ago.

This novel was suspenseful and a quick read. The author introduces a number of characters, and quite a few are two-dimensional, but it doesn’t take away from the story. The tale focuses on Emma, Jamie, Cooper and the killer. I’m not a huge suspense reader, and the jumps into the stalker’s mind gave me the creeps. There was a huge twist at the end which made sense but I felt like not quite enough groundwork was laid by the author to get us to the conclusion. If you like suspense with a hint of romance, this is a quick read and it does play on our long buried teenage fears.

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